How to Rent a Car for a Year

Although most people have at least some knowledge hiring a car, couple of realize that rental companies offer month-to-month hire contracts and other long-term plans that enable you to keep your rental vehicle for a long period.


Unlike a rent, a month-to-month car-rental contract can be terminated at any time before the next contractual month starts. The majority of hiring companies provide month-to-month hiring contracts that allow you to get more discounts the longer you keep your vehicle. Such as, a rental agreement might start off at $800 per month but gives you $10 off the second month, $25 off the third month, $50 off the fourth month and so on. When you keep your car hire for a year, you might only be spending $400 per month.

Long-Term Contracts

While not all hiring companies offer long-term hiring contracts other than month-to-month arrangements, it may be possible to sign an agreement for half a year, a year or even longer to secure lower monthly payments or fewer restrictions. Nevertheless, long-term contracts for example these typically fall under the category of auto renting instead of rental contracts.

Daily Rentals

Another way to hire a car for a year is to basically hire a car at the daily or weekly price and reserve it for a year in advance. When you would not have access to discounts that you may otherwise qualify for by setting up a long-term contract with the hiring company, there is not technically anything stopping you from doing so. Nevertheless, a lot of hiring companies place restrictions on your mileage usage, so you may be better off hiring the car for a couple days, weeks or months at a time and then hiring a new car when the first contract expires.

Hiring a car in such a manner would also allow you to avoid major damages and drive a fresh car regularly , but you may also be liable for more cleaning and repair fees if you don’t maintain the car in perfect condition , which could add up to a hefty charge if you keep hiring new cars on an ongoing basis .

Adhere to Your Rental Agreement

Completing the documents to car hire for a year is as easy as going down to your local hiring company and telling an employee that you want a month-to-month contract or another long-term plan, but make sure that you adhere to your rental agreement to the letter. Usually, youll be required to stay below a certain mileage each month, and you may be required to have the car serviced on a regular basis.