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Why You Need automobile Insurance

The 2d largest purchase that maximum of us will make in their lifestyles time is their automobile, with the largest being their residing. The predominant super difference is that statistics explicit that even as of us would modification their residing two or 3 instances in their lifetime, they could modification their automobile a minimal of ten instances if now not nearer twenty. For this reason, that is properly in the concentration of a automobile proprietor to take note of the intricacies of automobile coverage and why you’d like automobile coverage in the first neighborhood.

The suggestions calls for that every automobile on the street in South Africa be insured, a minimal of in the maximum important of codecs. Basic coverage or obligatory coverage as that is mythical simplest covers some other automobiles for hurt fix or of us for injury coverage as properly as damages who had been desirous about an accident that you had been held in charge for. If your automobile was damaged in any manner, otherwise you sustained any form of put on and tear, you then will are hunting to conceal any charges incurred out of your confidential pocket. This is received rid of from being an triumphant drawback, and one who maximum of us may properly properly just also be organized to pay out some payments to stay away from.

Most of us who’ve owned a automobile at one time or but one more may properly properly just also be properly responsive to the bits and bobs of automobile coverage, but for those purchasing a automobile for the first time, particularly on a limited budget, would uncover it perplexing to take note of or enjoy why you are hunting to take out comprehensive automobile coverage conceal.

Think involving the incontrovertible truth that you are purchasing a car that is a useful asset. If the car is desirous about any form of accident, it wants to be repaired. If that is barely destroyed or stolen, it wants to be replaced.

If you desire to have no comprehensive coverage when this type of calamity happened you’d uncover your self with a solely functional option. Either exit and purchase a manufacturer new automobile or do with out.

However in the celebration you had the unparalleled sense to take out comprehensive conceal, the coverage business enterprise will furnish you the monetary electricity to exit and purchase a replacement.

Insurance premiums widely aren’t extortionate, calculated on an annual commencing, and deserve to run at circular 6% of the replacement importance of your automobile. There are many participants in South Africa who would gladly pay out that classification of payments to get their automobile returned, but for them that is barely too late.

For an individual like you who is purchasing their first automobile and bearing in mind the incontrovertible truth that their comprehensive automobile coverage coverage appears like handsome payments in, you then deserve to indeed endure these statistics very a lot in mind. Also you deserve to indeed be conscious that comprehensive coverage constantly is composed of offering a replacement car although your confidential automobile is in the frame store for maintenance or although you are in search of a replacement in case your automobile has been stolen or deemed “general loss” due to your coverage business enterprise’s valuators.

Comprehensive conceal also covers you against theft out of your automobile, as properly as hurt to the car in the instance of theft. Items at the side of radios, disc gamers, GPS systems, cellular computers and goods of attire being particularly popular to automobile thieves.

Not disposing of comprehensive coverage to your automobile, its occupants and its contents is one of many worst manual of faux economic approach. When you are purchasing your first automobile take up this rule and follow it to your general motoring lifestyles, in the trustworthy hope that you are going to now under no circumstances need it.

Why You Need car Insurance

The second largest purchase that most people will make in their life time is their car, with the largest being their house. The main difference is that statistics show that whilst people might change their house two or three times in their lifetime, they will change their car at least ten times if not nearer twenty. For this reason, it is well in the interest of a car owner to understand the intricacies of car insurance and why you need car insurance in the first place.

The law requires that every car on the road in South Africa be insured, at least in the most basic of formats. Basic insurance or compulsory insurance as it is known only covers any other cars for damage repair or people for injury insurance as well as damages who were involved in an accident that you were held responsible for. If your car was damaged in any way, or you sustained any form of injury, then you will need to cover any costs incurred from your own pocket. This is far from being an ideal situation, and one that most people will be prepared to pay out some money to avoid.

Most people who have owned a car at one time or another will be well aware of the ins and outs of car insurance, yet for those buying a car for the first time, especially on a limited budget, might find it difficult to understand or appreciate why you need to take out comprehensive car insurance cover.

Think about the fact that you are purchasing a vehicle that is a valuable asset. If the car is involved in any form of accident, it needs to be repaired. If it is totally destroyed or stolen, it needs to be replaced.

If you have no comprehensive insurance when such a calamity occurred you would find yourself with a very simple choice. Either go out and buy a new car or do without.

However if you had the good sense to take out comprehensive cover, the insurance company will provide you with the financial ability to go out and buy a replacement.

Insurance premiums are not extortionate, calculated on an annual basis, and should run at around 6% of the replacement value of your car. There are many people in South Africa who would gladly pay out that type of money to get their car back, but for them it is too late.

For someone like you who is buying their first car and contemplating the fact that their comprehensive car insurance policy seems like a lot of money, then you should bear these facts very much in mind. Also you should remember that comprehensive insurance generally includes providing a replacement vehicle while your own car is in the body shop for repairs or while you are on the lookout for a replacement if your car has been stolen or deemed “total loss” by your insurance company’s valuators.

Comprehensive cover also covers you against theft from your car, as well as damage to the car in the event of theft. Items such as radios, disc players, GPS systems, mobile computers and items of clothing being especially popular to car thieves.

Not taking out comprehensive insurance for your car, its occupants and its contents is one of the worst forms of false economy. When you are buying your first car take up this rule and stick to it for all your motoring life, in the sincere hope that you will never need it.

Why Use An Auto Insurance Broker!

Do you know the value of an auto insurance broker? Many people go shopping for auto insurance on their own, which can be a big mistake. Thousands of people are under insured and don’t even know they are. Or you could be paying much more than you need to on insurance.

Do you know what the minimal requirements are for your state? Many states have different requirements, so if you move from one state to another, your previous coverage might not be enough. Without having this minimal insurance, you could face heavy fines or even lose your license.

The minimal requirements your state requires you to have also might not be enough to cover any damages to your car. If you were ever in an accident, would your insurance replace your car? Would it pay for damages? How about medical bills?

Auto insurance is important to think about. If you should ever have an accident, you might not be able to continue working. You might lose the vehicle and the other driver might not have the insurance to cover you. Are you willing to risk everything? Are you positive your insurance will cover it all?

After an accident is not the time to be thinking about insurance, but looking through all the different insurance options can be confusing at best. Where can you go to get the information you need to get the insurance that’s right for you, not just for the insurance companies?

This is where an auto insurance broker comes in. An insurance broker can go through insurance polices with you and help you to select the best insurance for you. Their goal is to set you up with what you need.

There are many misunderstandings about auto insurance brokers. For starters, you don’t pay them to help you. They get a commission no matter which package you chose from them, so having you pick one package over another isn’t so much of a priority.

Do You Know Insurance?

Here are a few types of insurances your policy might or might not cover now.

Fully Comprehensive Auto Insurance For Your Car

This type of insurance, the fully comprehensive auto insurance, is probably the most expensive type you will be offered. If your car is financed by a bank or finance company, you need this insurance.

Fully comprehensive auto insurance insures the car and the owner against any number of events. These include accident and theft. The benefit is that it doesn’t matter who is at fault, you’re still covered in case your car is in an accident or stolen. If the other driver doesn’t have insurance or is under insured you’ll still be able to make a claim.

Did you know that insurance policies don’t cover 100% of the car? This is especially true for brand new cars. They might insure 80% of the car’s total value, maybe even less. This helps insure that fraud is prevented on their side, but might leave you paying out if you’re ever in an accident of some sort. Do you know how much your insurance covers?

Third Party, Fire & Theft Insurance

Why Age is an Important Factor in Getting Car Insurance in Nova Scotia

Its common knowledge that auto insurance policies for young drivers are very expensive. Their lack of experience makes them a high accident risk. Thankfully, they can still find an affordable rate due to an insurance price comparison tool that offers a way for consumers to compare the cost of getting car insurance in Nova Scotia across a range of age groups.

A universal rule in the auto industry is that car insurance premiums decrease as drivers age. For example, a driver under 25-years old appears to pay double what those aged between 25-30 years old pay. Consumers aged 46-50 years old pay even less for car insurance premiums, and more senior drivers aged 56-60 years old pay as low as $74 per month.

Auto insurers factor in a number of considerations before establishing the cost of a single car insurance policy in Nova Scotia. Obviously one of the major factors is a driver’s personal history, combined with the demographic group the driver fits into. When these factors are considered, it results in high insurance costs for young drivers.

Why is Car Insurance Expensive for Young People in Nova Scotia?

Statistically drivers under 25-years old have more auto accidents that tend to be more severe than those of older drivers, thus their auto insurance claims are higher than the average. Since they are a greater risk to car insurance companies to insure, this equates to higher insurance prices.

Although the group demographic doesn’t represent each individual driver and how safely they drive, most auto insurance companies use information obtained from wide-ranging demographics when they calculate insurance premium rates.

However, when a car insurance company looks at drivers individually, they focus their review on the driver’s personal driving history. They use traffic tickets and prior claims to get an idea of how safely they operate vehicles. It’s most beneficial when they can observe a driving history over a long period of time.

Time is the key factor used to reduce car insurance premiums for young drivers, but it can’t be rushed. The age of 25 years old is usually associated with lower insurance premiums, but this is not a rule. If a young driver gets their license later in life they will probably pay higher premiums until they have a driving history, regardless of their age.

How Can a Young Driver Keep Car Insurance Costs Down?

With all these factors working against a young driver, planning is needed to get the lowest premium possible. Thus, how soon a young driver gets their drivers license and a car insurance policy in Nova Scotia is important. The sooner they do it, the better.

Even drivers with a G1 license should be on their parent’s car insurance policy. Insurance companies don’t charge for G1 drivers because of the limits this level imposes. Using this strategy means a young driver could have an insurance history starting at 16 years old.

Another way to save money on car insurance is for a young driver is to complete an approved driver training program. Auto insurance carriers often give insurance discounts, but it’s important to note that insurers will only accept training certified by the Ministry of Transportation when they offer discounts, and not all insurers offer it.

Additionally some insurance companies recognize honour students because of how responsible they appear. A young driver who maintains high grades in high school might be eligible for more discounts. However, not all companies offer this.

If there is more than one insured vehicle in a household, a young driver should be put on the lowest premium vehicle. An older SUV or sedan costs less to insure than a new sports car, for example.

When a young driver goes away from home, the auto insurance company must be informed. The driver should not be taken off the policy but when the insurer knows the young driver has limited vehicle access, they might offer a price break.

Declaring a Young Drivers Status Accurately

The above money saving tips do not require proof. However, if there is a claim made, the insurance company will investigate and find out if false information was provided. This is why the insurance company needs to be informed. If you were not truthful upfront, not only will the insurance company reject the claim, they might have grounds to cancel your policy entirely, making the young motorist and insured driver at a higher risk for future insurance.

Compare Policies for the Lowest Rates

Some car insurance companies offer better rates than their competition for young drivers. Every auto insurer has its own underwriting rules, so no two insurance companies charge the exact same premium for identical types of coverage. To find the best rate, aggressive research is required. Thankfully, this can be done quickly online.

InsurEye Inc. is a Canadian company that offers many online tools for consumers to research insurance options and prices in the Canadian market place. Our insurance price comparison tool is based on aggregated consumer data and covers most auto insurers across the country. Currently, only auto insurance data is available for Nova Scotia, but InsurEye plans to launch the same service for the provinces home and life insurance soon.

Whose Insurance Pays for an Accident in a Rental Car!

When you are traveling for vacation, personal needs or business, a rental car provides convenience and comfort for getting around on your own schedule. Such travel can be full of thrills like visiting a new place, leaving your office desk for a while, and just getting out and doing new things. But driving a rental car comes with responsibilities and even the best drivers can get into an accident.

– When an accident occurs in a rental car, whose insurance covers the damages? – Rental car companies usually ask the renter if they want optional insurance. Most renters decline this policy without a second thought, unless the state they are in requires it. After all, if you have a car for only a few days, what are the odds of getting into an accident?

Unfortunately the odds are high enough for an accident to occur while in possession of a rental car that many people are confronted with the panic such an accident produces. Their first thought is often, “I should have gotten the rental insurance.” This supplemental policy is specifically designed to protect consumers when they are in an accident in a rental vehicle. It keeps those consumers from taking on liability through their personal insurance policy.

Although you may feel the odds of a rental car accident are slim, you should still opt for rental car insurance coverage at the counter. This insurance usually only costs a few dollars per day but can really provide shelter in the aftermath of an auto accident. While supportive in such cases, do be aware that rental car insurance policies are minimal and have some restrictions, such as when the rental car driver is clearly negligent and caused the wreck.

– Operation of a Rental Car as an Uninsured Motorist – When you opt out of the rental car insurance policy, your insurance provider is then responsible for damages incurred on that rental vehicle. This is the same coverage as if you were driving your own car at the time of the accident. However, the insurance company can sometimes preclude coverage if the driver is not operating his or her own vehicle. Thankfully, there are only a few states that allow such preclusion.

If you are from one of the states that allows insurance policies to only cover drivers operating their own personal vehicles, and you deny the rental car company’s optional insurance policy, what happens if you are in an accident in the uninsured rental vehicle? In essence, you become an uninsured motorist. The other party involved in the accident must then rely on their own policy to cover initial costs as part of uninsured motorist coverage. But this opens you up to being sued for damages from the collision to reimburse what the insurance company covered.

– Using Credit Card Insurance for a Rental Car Accident – Realizing you were an uninsured motorist in a rental car accident can be terrifying. When this is the case, you still have one other possible avenues of security. That is, many credit card companies insure vehicles rented using their credit cards. This automatic perk may be something you do not realize you have until it is desperately needed.

Use Dashboard Camera For Car Insurance

What is a dashcam?

A dashcam is also called dashboard camera or car camp. It’s all the same and let’s just call it dashcam. Some write it as Dash cam, which is actually an abbreviation of dashboard camera. But it’s not clear, I think so. A dash camera is therefore used in a vehicle and is mounted on the front door by means of a suction cup or a double sided tape attachment.

A dashboard camera makes recordings from the dashboard. In this way, it is immediately clear to insurers who the debt question lies with. In Russia, virtually every vehicle has a dashboard camera. In the Netherlands, dashboard cameras are still relatively little used. However, dashboard cameras are becoming increasingly popular, and Dutch insurers also provide evidence of dictation of cameras more and more.

A collision can be an annoying and sometimes even traumatic experience. In addition to the shock and the possible injury you also get financial damage. Unfortunately, it is not always clear who is responsible for the debt question, and sometimes it requires extra investigation. Because this does not always happen, your situation may be unprofitable! That would, of course, be very annoying and certainly when you are not guilty during a collision and you are held responsible for the damage caused. In such cases, the images of a dashboard camera are ideal for supporting evidence.

At the moment there are no insurers who offer camera discount on the premium when using a dashboard. In the UK, this may be the case, there may also be Dutch insurers offering this in the future.

Dashboard Camera Forbidden In Some European Countries.

In some countries, a dashboard camera is not allowed. For example, in Portugal, you can get a fine of 2,500 and in Austria even up to 10,000. Check the current laws and regulations to find out whether or not a dashboard camera in specific countries is allowed!

Buying Tips

At we offer different types of dashboard cameras. All cameras have been extensively tested and the functionalities are compared. Via our web shop, we offer VGA and HD dashboard cameras. The differences in resolution are quite large in both cameras; the cheaper cameras usually use VGA and with more expensive cameras HD. HD is very sharp and VGA usually quite blurred. Especially when higher speeds are reached and if much happens, VGA is insufficient.

In addition to the resolution, it is important to buy only the best front and rear dash cam for your personal security. Look at the number of frames per second.The more frames per second are recorded, the better to follow certain events. Finally, the angle in which a dashboard camera film is important. The larger the angle, the more the images can be seen. Usually, there is an overview of 85 to 120 degrees! Do you also want to film in your vehicle? Then a dashboard camera with dual lens is required, so you can shoot inside and outside at the same time. Useful for taxis and transport companies!