Are We At Fault For The Rise In The Medical Insurance Costs

There are many diseases that cause death in this country. Many of the individuals who have dies may have survived if they were covered with an adequate health insurance plan, or any health insurance plan for that matter. All citizens have the right to carry health insurance. It is not a luxury that is only granted to those with a job or money. Individuals of all walks of life have the right to, and should, carry medical insurance to protect themselves from disease and illness. However, the number of individuals without medical insurance coverage is almost as high as those that have some form of medical coverage plan.

There are many countries, such as in parts of Africa, where the citizens do not receive the proper care due to lack of health professionals, funding and medications. This has resulted in the death of many, when it could have otherwise been treated and death could have been prevented.

In the US, however, we take our health for granted. We eat without regard for our bodies and as a result we are dying of the diseases of the rich, yet still we are not able to afford our own citizens with the life saving medications if they can’t afford to pay for them, and aren’t able to carry health insurance?

There is a need for a new awareness, to become conscious of the decisions we make regarding our bodies, to preserve our lives instead of destroying them. Medical conditions such as diabetes, heart attack, stroke and other vascular diseases are most of the time a product of our lifestyles.

What we need to realize is that if we were all doing our part to stay healthy, then we would only need to seek medical treatment for other miscellaneous illnesses and injuries that we sustain, and medical expenses in this country would go way down. By not doing this the medical prices continue to rise and the population is unable to afford the medical care the is required.

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