Benefits Of Discovery Life Insurance

Discovery Life Insurance is one of the newer kids on the block when it comes to life insurance, but also one of the biggest. Since its highly anticipated launch in 2001 it has grown from strength to strength and the products within their comprehensive life insurance portfolio have evolved accordingly.

Many individuals have opted for South Africas largest medical insurance scheme, Discovery Health, to cover their medical expenses. In addition to that they have taken out the Discovery Vitality option in order to make use of the fantastic benefits that are offered as part of this option. For a small monthly fee, one is encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle and in doing so, one can get large discounts on various products, such as movies, shopping, flights, car rental, gym membership at the countrys top gyms, healthy food discounts and much more.

Now, one can opt to become a member of Discovery Vitality simply by investing in a Discovery Life Insurance policy and, in doing so, members can also get initial discounts on their life insurance premiums.

Discovery Life Insurance provides a unique and comprehensive range of products and solutions:

The Severe Illness Benefit Covers all major body systems with an extensive list of diseases being covered, from the heart to the brain and everything in between.

Global Health Protector Giving you access to the best medical treatment if that particular treatment is not available in South Africa, such as being seen by specialist oncologists or neurologists in America or Europe.

Global Education Protector Allows your children to study at top international universities, should you die, become permanently disabled or suffer a severe illness, like Harvard or Princeton.

Future Fund Increase your cover as your insurance needs change without any further underwriting except for submitting a negative HIV test.

Capital Disability Benefit Provides a lump sum in the event of you becoming disabled, allowing you to remain financially secure.

Income Continuation Benefit Provides a monthly income to help you remain your standard of living in the event of injury or illness.

Health Plan Protector Covering the cost of your familys Discovery Health medical scheme contributions.

Retirement Optimizer Capitalises your unneeded risk cover in later years while boosting your retirement income.

It is always worth comparing providers on any financial investment to ensure that you have the best options and can make informed decisions that could help you or your dependants in case your lives are permanently changed, such as Discovery Life Insurance.

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